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Call me Movies. My love of movies goes way back to the old silent Charlie Chaplin flicks. As a kid I really enjoyed that silly and crazy kind of humor that Charlie Chaplin was a master of. When you consider what little experience they had in film making back then, you really have to appreciate their accomplishments in the film industry.

They were pioneers in their own right paving the way to what we now enjoy today. How technology developed from silent movies to the big breakthrough when sound was added. This gave the movie industry a huge boost giving rise to the great classics of yesterday. Interestingly enough, we still enjoy those classics today like “Gone With The Wind” and “The Wizard Of Oz” as well as “It’s A Wonderful LIfe” all in digital format.

Technology has played a huge roll in how movies are recorded for the industry. From movie film, to video tape, to CD’s, to DVD’s and now online digital media. This progressive technology has only powered the ever growing explosive movie industry. Now with smart phones, tablets, and computers nearly every person has access to a movie or video anytime and any place. I can only imagine what is coming next with the next new technology.

Movies are powerful in that they exercise the imagination and bring it to life as if it were real. It plays on our emotions which draws us deep into the story line. Visually living out a story while watching a video is a powerful experience. Nearly everyone can be drawn into a good movie flick and that is the power behind this industry. When utilized by today’s technology, the movie and video industry will just keep growing at a phenomenal rate.