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Synopsis for "Burlesque (2010)": Frank Bannister is about to have a very long night. A writer of violent horror stories, Frank is alone, depressed and one step from full blown alcoholism. Late one dark and stormy night his quiet hermit existence is disturbed when two eccentric exotic dancers arrive on his doorstep. Alternatively seductive and sinister the beautiful women promise to make all Frank's dreams come true. They prove to be as good as their word. Only problem is, Frank is a man with very dark dreams indeed.

Burlesque (2010) comments

Post by Brittanyy 1 year ago Report
This movie was pretty good! I loved it! I don't care much for Christina Aguilera though, but she did do a good job on this movie. I loved Cher the most! Cher is a legend! I give this movie a 4/5 This movie was also a mixture of Showgirls and Coyote Ugly.
Post by Sididi 1 year ago Report
I absolutely loved this movie - the singing and dancing was awesome. I love Christina Aguilera, her voice is off the chain - very talented young lady. Take my advice; watch this movie!
Post by tekkenfan_1234 1 year ago Report
give it a A+++ christina has a amazing voice!!!!! so does cher
Post by nutterjr 2 years ago Report
Admittedly I am not a die hard fan of musicals, but have enjoyed a few of them along the way. But this one although may have great singers in it, it just sucks as a film.
Post by MegWhiteley 2 years ago Report
Is interesting watching the mode that some amazing singers explote their voice and do an awesome movie. And the case of Burlesque is the same, the film present amazing songs, with the incredible voices of Cher and Christina Aguilera, the first thing that I think is in other musical films, like Hairspray, Joyful Noise and BandSlam, that have really awesome singers, and that is great, and the better of the movie. But the music don't create the trama, that can be like an other films, same, but in Burlesque the story is amazing, is interesting and funny, but is some large, and this little detail afect the movie. Now the rest of the cast, Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet, etc... have a really good [but no excellent] performances, okay, Tucci and Bell yes, but the rest of the characters be like to second plane, yeah the director intent that all have importance, but fail. Now the music, is really beautiful, I love "You Havent Seen the Last of Me" is a beautiful song. In no much words Burlesque is a good film, entertaining, interesting, with excellent music, good development, some good performances, and is all, a film that is good, but not excellent.
Post by jaded1600 2 years ago Report
I will never ever look at "cookies" in the same way .. what a hot scene.m Gigandet is so sexy..I really look forward to seeing him in more movies!! Good flick 7/10
Post by Deadlygirl01 2 years ago Report
Really love this movie! :]
Post by Sean_john 2 years ago Report
good movie, love it

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