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Synopsis for "Machete Kills (2013)": The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.

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Post by Enki812 6 months ago Report
Technically, a b-movie was shown before (sometimes after) the main movie at drive-in theaters or movie houses. They were generally cheap productions, short in length, and had lesser-known or up-and-coming actors.
A movie is not a 'b movie' if it has a theatrical release as the feature presentation.
In the modern era of motion pictures, a 'b movie' is generally defined as a commercial motion picture with a very low (less than $250-$500,000.00) budget, an unknown/under-skilled cast & crew, and produced with low quality equipment.
Grindhouse pictures could be considered as b movies, if one of the movies shown was done so with the preclusion of being the 'undercard' to the feature presentation. Otherwise, the Grindhouse films would be considered of equal status.
I couldn't make a 'b movie' if I had a budget of $5,000,000.00+, well-known actors/producers/directors, good equipment, and an international theatrical release - even if the finished product is meant to have the look and feel of a traditional 'b-movie'.
'b-movie' ~ see: "Zipperface" 1992
Post by ven31 6 months ago Report
@Enki812 then what is then? Grindhouse
Post by Onable 7 months ago Report
not sure if anyone knows-of or has watched more of robert rodriguez's work but this is classic. he always leaves me wanting more. i admire good work...must see
Post by chinkey20 7 months ago Report
Yea lol I just thought it;d be like "Machete"
Post by iwanawatch 7 months ago Report
@chinkey20 lol that's the point high budget b movie made mostly as a joke
Post by chinkey20 7 months ago Report
CHEESY! This was not what i expected at all. They had so many celebrities they didnt know what to do with them. it was one after the other, one dies bring in the next.
Post by Benz1337 8 months ago Report
In HD yay!!!!
Post by Word_Warrior 8 months ago Report
I love a good cheesy, violent movie. The creative ways to kill were perfectly graphic and laughable. When I was a kid this movie would have been rated X. It was enjoyable way to waste an after noon.

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