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Synopsis for "Noah (2014)": A man is chosen by God to undertake a momentous mission of rescue before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world.

Noah (2014) comments

Post by tribalarcher 22 hours ago Report
Great movie
Post by Mandy90 10 days ago Report
This was a great movie. I enjoyed every minute, and I loved Russel Crowe as always.
Post by moviesnack 10 days ago Report
pff some people are writing a bible over here. It is just a movie.. a good one, but a little too slow
Post by ninthninja 15 days ago Report
Great tale of how bad the tribe of Kane had become, so much so that God decided to erase the canvas and start anew. Kinda like what the middle east needs in this time. 5/5 - 6/14
Post by borhan48 15 days ago Report
Just junk, dipshit film.
Post by sfantamu 16 days ago Report
@Katerina: the first part of your comment lacks logic. '300' wasn't an accurate retelling of Greek and of Jennifer Connelly, for as far as I am able to judge it.
Post by Keegles 19 days ago Report
@JesusSauce - Every major culture has some recollection of a Great Flood, every single one. Before you call people "Bible Thumpers", maybe you should actually read a book, because obviously you are quite uneducated. And this is an obvious quality that you have, otherwise you wouldn't have made a comment stating something that's entirely untrue. Go read a book, and stop watching movies, because your slowly getting even more stupid and quite honestly I don't want people that have your level of intelligence breeding. Then we'd be stuck with a world full of dumb-asses spitting random lies about things because they are too lazy and uneducated to find the truth for themselves.
Post by Centurion 22 days ago Report
I really liked the movie. They should make a sequel. Anyone know if there is a part two in the bible?

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